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Led Display - is it Right for You?

From: Date:2020-07-02

Led Display - is it Right for You?

Led displays are fast becoming an important part of today's advertising needs. Almost every good business, whether retail or wholesale, which depends upon storefront advertising should have a led display, as it attracts passersby in addition to making the storefront more eye-catching. In this article, we shall discuss, point by point, the various advantages of having a good led display for your store/shop. 


What is an led display?

An led display is generally an electronics ticker, with an ability to display electronic messages, often moving from left to right. . It is generally made up of LED's (light emitting diodes) but it can also be made of plasma or LCD. They are generally dot-matrix and alphanumeric, but there are also panels. They are usually red but sometimes, blue, green, white, and also multicolored. They have a wide use in railways, bus stops, shops, stores, malls, city centers, etc. There are some who work in the dark only, but the new super bright ones work both in the day and the night.

Why should you use an led display?

If you want to give some nice advertisement about your products, you need an led display, or a scrolling sign. They are available in many sizes, and shapes, but the most used are scrolling types, where the glowing alphabets move from right to left. If you have higher spending power, you can buy LED panels, and these LED panels can be joined together to make a huge LED display. But most preferred are one line dot matrix displays. They are enough for advertising needs of a bank, or a store.

Are they good for your advertising needs?

They surely help your advertising. For example, if someone is passing your store, or business, and instead of showing him a blank wall, or a blank glass door, it is very advisable to let him see a red or white moving led display message, displaying your wares, or your price, or promotions. Since they are scrolling signs, they are catchier to the eye.

Can they replace other modes of advertising?

Your advertising offline/online should continue. These led scrolling sings help your onsite advertising like banners do. They attract a visitor to your store, and since you can display any current message/offer/discount etc, they may invite a person passing your store to come inside and have a look. They add to your store's general presentation too.

About sizes:

They come in many sizes, some huge panels almost as big as a wall, and other table-tops displays. The best are the ones that one can see from about 25 feet away, because they are neither too exaggerate or too small. They have the optimum size. They do not overpower your windows, nor do they lighten the effect of your other banners. They add to your shop/store

About pricing:

Pricing is very important. Generally in western countries, they are heavily priced, but if you get one from China, they tend to be cheaper
http://qniceled.com/. The pricing also depends upon various factors – chiefly being the size, and color. The white color displays tend to be costlier, and so are two-colored, but multi-colored displays are the costliest of all.

About maintenance:

Scrolling signs/ Led displays are easy to maintain. They do not consume much electricity, and since they do not carry components that get hot (like transformers etc.) they do not tend to get burned. The only caution you must practice is to read carefully the manufacturer's instructions about their usage, and comply with them accordingly. The most important point to keep in mind is the input voltage. Please use the scrolling board according to the input voltage as specified in the user manual. Higher voltage than prescribed will burn the components at once.

All in all, the led displays can alter for better the advertising potential of your store/shop/company, and with the rising competition in the market to attract shoppers; you must add a sleek looking led display to your store window.

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